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Pediatric dentistry

Children are recommended to have a dental check-up every six month. Children’s teeth can change radically within a relatively short period of time. Such changes include shedding teeth, chronic decay of temporary and permanent teeth, or rapid tooth decay. Decayed milk teeth should be filled, since decay can spread to the neighbouring teeth or the newly erupting teeth. Healthy milk teeth are essential in order to ensure symmetrical development of the dental arch and the jaw bones. Early loss of milk teeth can lead to problems requiring orthodontic treatment.

Here at Dentoplant Clinic we believe that prevention is the cornerstone of good oral hygiene. Prevention is particularly important in child dentistry. We think that if you set a good example and take your child to your dentist regularly, you can preserve the health of your child’s teeth. When developing their oral hygiene habits, children follow their parents’ practices, and their attitude to regular dental check-ups reflects their parents’ attitude. In order to set a good example and create a good atmosphere at dental visits, we have introduced a family dentistry model. We make a treatment plan for the whole family and you can come to the treatments together with your children. It is also very important to teach proper oral hygiene practices when both the parents and the children are present.

  • Pediatric dentistry at Dentoplant Dental Clinic Szeged
  • Pediatric dentistry at Dentoplant Dental Clinic Szeged

When shall I start brushing my child’s teeth?

Teaching good oral hygiene habits must be started at an early age, so we would like to warn pregnant women and highlight the fact that proper nutrition starts while your baby is still in your womb, and you should start proper oral hygiene when your child is still an infant. When you breastfeed your baby, clean the gum after feeding with a soft piece of cloth, and as soon as the first teeth erupt, you should start brushing them. There is a wide variety of tooth brushes, our dental hygienist will help you chose a tooth brush that fits your child’s age.
Learn more about proper oral hygiene for children, do not hesitate to consult our dental hygienist.

Why is it important to take my child to the dentist every six month?

It is important to find the best time for fissure sealing and to reveal the need for orthodontic treatment in time. Children who had regular visits to the dentist in their childhood are more willing to have regular check-ups as adults. If you visit us regularly, we can reveal improper brushing techniques and dental problems, so we can start treating them earlier. We can avoid drilling or it involves slight discomfort only.

What is fissure sealing? This treatment is not widely known yet…

Fissure sealing: Fissure sealing is a treatment to form a barrier on permanent back teeth. Since the efficacy of tooth brushing is not perfect in early childhood, plaque can accumulate on the rough chewing surfaces of molar teeth causing tooth decay in the grooves.  Fissure sealing involves applying light cured fluoride varnish to the chewing surfaces of newly erupted healthy permanent teeth to fill the grooves. The first treatment is performed at around the age of six, when the first permanent molar erupts.