Dentoplant Dental and Implantological Clinic - Szeged


Dental treatments

We provide comprehensive dental treatment: modern diagnostics, aesthetic fillings, metal free ceramic crowns, bridges, periodontal treatment, high quality dental prostheses, oral surgery.

Periodontal treatments

If you have gum disease we follow a special cleaning protocol. There is scientific evidence that gum disease is caused by special bacteria.

Prosthetic dentistry

Tooth loss can be prevented by modern regenerative tooth preservation methods. Even so you have a missing tooth, it should be replaced in order to restore the disturbed unity of your denture.


Dental implantation is a method of tooth replacement in which your dental specialist places an implant in the jaw bone. After healing the implant-based prosthesis can function similarly to your natural teeth.

First visit

At your first visit we discuss how we can manage your complaint. We ask you to complete a questionnaire containing your personal data and your medical history, including your internal medical diseases, regular medications and your allergies.

Oral hygiene

A healthy smile will make you self-confident and more successful in your everyday life. Our work is only effective in the long run, if you have a beautiful and healthy smile. In order to achieve this you should learn how to brush your teeth properly, so we devise you a personal oral hygiene program.

Wisdom teeth

Ideally, wisdom teeth have enough room in the jaw to erupt, and they do not cause any problems. Unfortunately, nowadays many people experience complaints during or after the eruption of their wisdom teeth.


Gingivitis is a curable inflammation of the gum around your teeth. At an early stage the disease only affects the margin of the gum, and it can be reversed by proper cleaning and local medications.


Periodontology is a special field of dentistry which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the tissues surrounding your teeth. It deals with the treatment of simple gingivitis, but it can also help retaining teeth that have become mobile due to wasting of the supporting structures.

Oral surgery

Most teeth can be removed using a simple instrument. However, deep roots and impacted teeth require a minor surgical intervention. These small operations are called exploratory tooth removal.


We provide high-level professional implantological treatment using knowledge acquired at international training courses and high-quality Nobel® implants. Quality is a lifelong decision.

Pediatric dentistry

We think that if you set a good example and take your child to your dentist regularly, you can preserve the health of your child’s teeth. When developing their oral hygiene habits, children follow their parents’ practices, and their attitude to regular dental check-ups reflects their parents’ attitude. That’s why we have introduced a family dentistry model.

Tooth whitening

By now tooth whitening has become a safe and easy procedure, which we perform routinely. Visit our clinic to learn more about it.

Cosmetic dentistry

In our modern world cosmetic dentistry is much more than making an aesthetic filling. It is a comprehensive sophisticated approach comprising several fields of dentistry: it involves creating nice tooth colour, an ideal shape of your teeth that fits your face, metal-free replacement, and perfect fitting.


Root canal treatment can save teeth. Root canal treatment is a dental intervention performed to save a tooth if the pulp, which is the innermost layer of the tooth, is irreversibly damaged.


Orthodontics is one of the most dynamically developing field of dentistry, and the first separate specialty that was formed within dentistry. Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis, the progression and the treatment of morphological and positional irregularities of the teeth, the alveolar ridge and the jaw bones.