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Dr. István Földesi

Dr. Kinga Maráz is an outstanding dental phenomenon in a highly contested and prestigious profession. I am lucky to be counted among her patients and have always been willing and ready to fly over the Atlantic and trot down to Szeged to request her care. Yes, her care, which is a testimony to the application of most modern technology, know-how and that special feminine human touch. I once read that the criteria for a good doctor in general are up-to-date knowledge of the profession, sure clinical and technical knowledge and good bed-side manners. Now, Dr. Maráz meets all of them and is always ready to explain the problem with a gourmet’s gusto you happen to have, the professional challenge to be met and find a solution en par with your wish and purse.

If you have that all familiar piercing toothache, if you have a stained, crooked or missing teeth, which can greatly affect your self-esteem and overall mood on a daily basis, if you feel insecure about your smile and the appearance of your mouth, it can cause you to hold back with others – just give a call to Dr. Kinga Maráz.  She is there for you. I know that from my own experience.  In a competitive world not feeling your best can often ruin your chances for success both personally and professionally. When you first meet someone, whether it be at a dinner date or an important presentation, that first impression means a great deal and a brighter smile can make or break that meeting. If you feel self-conscious about your smile you may tend to hide your smile, for fear of judgment. And oftentimes this can negatively impact that first encounter, interview, first date and other human endeavors. Studies have shown that smiling during interviews and business meetings will lead to more positive outcomes. A positive attitude and air of success can all be projected through a confidant smile.  Trust my dentist, Dr. Maráz, she will be in charge of your dental health and helps you achieve what you want with that dashing and cute smile of yours.

For us, in the west from Hungary dentistry is an investment, which has a rewarding return. Straightening and whitening your teeth, improving your smile are worth every penny. I am one a living proof to Dr. Maráz surgical wizardry and I am ready to legally testify about and attest to her above and beyond the most exacting standard of dental knowledge and practice.

Dr. Istvan Foldesi
Director, Innohungary Technology Center/President, Inter-Access Inc.

My new smile

Susanna Horvath

“I am really satisfied with the treatment I received at Dentoplant surgery. Dr Maráz explained everything in details so that I knew what was going to happen. During previous treatments elsewhere I didn’t always know what the dentist was doing in my mouth, but here it was different, and it put me at ease. And I felt no pain at all. She repeatedly asked me if everything was OK, if I had any pain, if I was comfortable, and I found it encouraging. I was not only impressed by the really aesthetic result of the treatment, but also the artistic talent of Dr Kinga Maráz at creating a new smile for me.”

A journey to my dentist

Dr. Zsuzsanna Dóra

7 years ago my dentist in Kecskemét recommended making an appointment with Dr Kinga Maráz at Dentoplant Dental Clinic. She placed an implant. The operation was successful and I haven’t had any problems with the implant ever since.

„Do you go to Szeged for dental treatments?“ – my friend asked. She was surprised to hear that I still go back to the clinic for check-ups and other treatments. Why?

The reasons are:
– high professional standards,
– respect towards the patients
– relaxing atmosphere
– polite manners,
– good taste, style, easy-going attitude

It is worth walking from the railway station along Boldogasszony Avenue to Fő Fasor and enjoying the flowers (or the snow), the fountains and the shady streets of Szeged in order to meet my kind dentist and her colleagues.

Dental treatment without reluctance

Milán Rasztik

„In the past I had to be dragged to the dentist, I was trembling with fear at the thought of the drill. However, since I was first treated by Dr Kinga Maráz at Dentoplant Dental Clinic, it has been only and solely her.“

My story (bone replacement, implants)

Zsuzsanna Grossmann

“The time came when I had to face the fact that I need an implant, partly because of my own negligence, partly because of inflammation around the root of my tooth. I was really glad, that this kind of dental treatment is available, but I was rather worried because I knew it was not going to be simple, the dentist would have a complicated, challenging task. One of my friends recommended Kinga Maráz and Dentoplant clinic. I consulted her. What? Why? What the plan will be? I was listening to her explaining the details of the treatment plan in a way I could clearly understand everything and I thought this was the place where I should be. It was nearly two years ago.

I am over the bone replacement, I have received the implant. Hurray! I have never regretted my choice. Kinga’s exceptional expertise, her calm, cheerful, reassuring personality has helped me through a difficult period in my life. I could go through the series of treatment affecting both my vanity and my health without fear and with optimistic expectations.

I was impressed by the atmosphere of the clinic and the professional cooperation between the colleagues.

I am lucky to have found Dentoplant clinic and met Dr Kinga Maráz.”

Into the guestbook of Kinga Maráz

Dr. László Vígh

“To tell you the truth, sitting in Kinga’s chair reminds me of Dante’s Hell. Hell is a narrowing funnel. The drill in my mouth, buzzing, squeaking, bubbling, and I’m going down in this funnel. But there is a way out from Hell. When Kinga perceives my despair, her kind brown eyes are brighter than ever, her cheerful stories are even more colourful, and I feel relaxed. I am rising from the bottom of the funnel to the daylight. Kinga, you are the only one who can do this, thank you! ”

With love,
László Vígh

Conversation with the dentist. To Dr Kinga Maráz

Dr György Benyik

“There are two types of situations when you communicate with your dentist. The dentist is either doing something in your mouth, but then the conversation is limited to „yes” or „no”, blinking with your eyes or making other gestures.

Or you have received an injection and you are waiting for the effect. As you become more and more lisping, you can tell a short story. Kinga was telling me about her adventures in the building industry, complaining about the well-known fact that the “master” is not interested in the quality of the job, all he does is finish quickly and get the money.

So I also told her the story of an Italian painter. I had to supervise the man at the Hungarian Academy in Rome, where a renaissance door needed repair one year after the renewal of the building. The man was just as dirty and covered in paint as a Hungarian colleague, but he was really happy to have someone around he can chat with. We were chatting for one and a half hours, in fact it was monologue, and I was listening in amazement. He was not only quick at work, but also quick at speaking.

He was telling me about his wide ranging experience in the various types of wood and doors, renaissance doors and decorations. He was depicting properties, consistency, reaction to paint, methods of processing, deformity characteristics, best fields of usage, grinding, shapes and patterns, knots, drying technology. I learnt more words related to wood industry in half an hour than ever since.

I realised that this man adored his profession and loved to do an excellent job. By the end of our conversation he had repaired all the cracks. I visited the building 25 years later and the others didn’t know why I was scrutinizing the door. I tried to explain that there was an invisible crack under the paint which was repaired so perfectly that you cannot see it 25 years later. Because the man who did it was a professional who loved his job.

By the time I got that far in the story my mouth had become completely numb and I couldn’t go on, the treatment started. The filling is still in my tooth sound and intact.”