Dentoplant Dental and Implantological Clinic - Szeged


First visit

At your first visit we discuss with you what kind of dental problem you would like us to treat.

First, we ask you to complete a questionnaire containing your personal data and your medical history, including your internal medical diseases, regular medications and your allergies. It is really important to answer the questions as precisely as you can, because we rely on this questionnaire to assess the risks and take the necessary precautions before the treatment. Then we perform a dental examination and record the findings on a dental chart. We take a panoramic X-ray image of your full denture to reveal the condition of your teeth, the bone in your jaw and the soft tissues. If your condition requires a surgical intervention, further tests are needed, such as a Cone Beam CT scan and a blood test.

  • First visit at Dentoplant Dental Clinic
  • First visit - taking photos at Dentoplant Dental Clinic
  • First visit - Digital X-Ray at Dentoplant Dental Clinic

In order to establish an appropriate diagnosis, the following tests and procedures might be necessary:

  • digital X-ray
  • Cone Beam CT scan
  • pocket measurement, Bern periodontal status evaluation
  • microbiological examination of bacteria samples from periodontal pockets
  • photo of the initial condition of the oral cavity
  • blood test
  • taking impressions

The first visit also includes assessment of your oral hygiene. We look at your gum and check if there is any tartar on your teeth. We take photos of your mouth so that you can see where we start from. We also do oral cancer screening. We pay special attention to appropriate oral hygiene. Our treatment is only successful if you learn a proper tooth brushing technique and maintain good oral hygiene. We help you by giving you advice and devising a personal oral hygiene program. The result will be sound teeth and healthy gums. If you are satisfied with our services, recommend us to your friends!