Dentoplant Dental and Implantological Clinic - Szeged

Prices at Dental and Implantological Clinic Szeged


One of the most frequently asked questions at a private clinic is how much the treatment will cost. Below you can see the prices of our treatments, but the type of treatment we will actually perform is only decided at the first visit when we have assessed your condition. We calculated our prices so that each of our patients can find a suitable treatment option.

The price of personal consultation and the assessment of your condition is 50.- Euro. At the first visit we make an individual treatment plan, which includes alternative treatment options and the expected costs, so that you can make a decision accordingly.

If your treatment requires fabrication of a dental appliance by a dental technician, you should pay 50% of the price in advance, when we take impression. You should pay the remaining 50% when you receive the appliance.

Placement of implants is preceded by a so-called surgical consultation, where we offer individual treatment options of various price ranges.

The price list is incomplete and is given for initial reference only:

Consultation, assessment: 50.- €
Digital panoramic X ray: 30.- €
Complete dental hygienic cleaning: 90.- €
Aesthetic light-cured fillings: From 90.- €
Inlays: From 220.- €
Full ceramic crown /piece: From 300.- €
Extraction: From 80.- €
Implants (incl. 1 implant and surgical intervention): From 600.- €
Implant connections and abutments: From 200.- €
Bone replacement (+bone +membrane): From 350.- €
Guided Biofilm Therapy by EMS AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master (dentalhygienist): 120.- €
Guided Biofilm Therapy by EMS AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master (specialist): 160.- €
Conscious sedation by an anaesthesiologist /hour: 190.- €
Removal of stitches: 35.- €
Full Mouth disinfection: 290.-€ / occasion

Patients who undergo surgery are asked to come back for regular check-ups so that we can monitor wound healing and clean the wound. The fee for surgical interventions includes regular cleaning and monitoring, we do not charge for these visits, only for the removal of stiches.