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Tooth whitening

A nice smile and white teeth can make you more confident in your everyday life and more successful in your career. By now tooth whitening has become a safe and easy procedure, which we perform routinely. Visit our clinic to learn more about it.

Discolouration of teeth can be caused by external or internal factors. External discolouration is caused by tartar, drinking too much coffee or tea, smoking or an improper brushing technique. External deposits can be removed with dental hygiene treatment: Prophy Mate salt polishing, Piezo scaling and polishing your teeth with a special abrasive paste.

Whitening internal discolouration (in deeper structures of your teeth) is more of a challenge for your dentist. Internal discolouration is due to darker original tooth colour, certain drugs taken in childhood or abnormal enamel and dentine development. Teeth that are not alive or teeth with improper root canal treatment can also lose their original colour. We apply a gel containing carbamide-peroxide or hydrogen-peroxide and a LED accelerator light to speed up the process of oxidization and to bleach the pigments responsible for the discolouration. Several studies have confirmed that this technique can result in 5-8 times lighter shades.

At our clinic we apply the most advanced whitening techniques in order to leave you with a satisfied and irresistible smile.

Preparation: Before whitening your teeth we perform a dental examination and a complete dental cleaning to remove the external deposits on your teeth. Discoloured deposits will affect the success of a whitening treatment unfavourably. Fillings with faulty edges and decayed teeth should also be treated before we can whiten your teeth. If the new fillings are in the aesthetic zone of your mouth, first we insert temporary fillings and replace them after the whitening treatment. In this way we can match the colour of the filling material to the „new” colour of your whitened teeth.

In-Office whitening: We start the whitening process at the clinic. We take photos of your teeth to record the original tooth colour and chose the shade we wish to achieve from the tooth colour chart. Then we protect your lips with a special cream and your gums with a so-called gingival masque. Next we insert a cheek retractor into your mouth to gently pull away your lips during the treatment. What happens next is we apply special foam to your gum to protect the soft tissues from the high concentration whitening gel (25% active hydrogen peroxide). Then we apply the whitening gel to your teeth and light cure it. The light activates the whitening agent (hydrogen peroxide) and the active oxygen released removes evenly the discolouration on the surface and in the deeper layers of your teeth. The length of light curing and the treatment itself depends on the difference between the original tooth colour and the colour we would like to achieve. Finally, we apply a fluoride solution to the teeth to reduce sensitivity.

Maintenance treatment at home: When we prepare you for the whitening treatment, we also take impressions of your teeth and send them to the lab where they can prepare whitening trays that fit your teeth perfectly. You put some whitening gel into the trays and place them on your teeth for the night. Gels used at home contain lower concentrations of carbamide peroxide so that they can be used safely. Teeth become visibly whiter even on the first few days, but the usual length of treatment is 4-6 days. The concentration of active hydrogen peroxide in the gel is 15%. Since tooth colour and the reaction time vary in each individual, the length of treatment can be shorter or longer.

Whitening is only recommended under careful supervision of your dentist.