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Laser dentistry

Laser therapy at Dentoplant Dental Clinic

The use of laser technology has become an essential treatment option in modern dentistry. At Dentoplant Dental and Implantological Clinic we use three types of laser wavelengths to perform dental treatment, which allows us to cover a wide range of indications for laser therapy.


What is laser?

Laser is a high energy light beam with special physical characteristics which allows gentle treatment of the gum and the teeth.

Laser treatments at Dentoplant Dental Clinic:

  • facilitating wound healing after dental surgery or extraction
  • treating certain types of gingivitis
  • Antimicrobial Photodynamic Laser Therapy (ADPT)
  • treating periodontal disease
  • surgical treatment of periodontal pockets
  • cleaning, disinfecting, maintaining implants
  • gingivoplasty and gingival recontouring (shaping of the gum)
  • gingival correction
  • frenulectomy, removal of the labial and sublingual frenulums (elastic tissue that secures your tongue)
  • eliminatingperiapical (root tip) inflammation
  • disinfecting the root canal
  • tooth whitening

Why is treatment with laser less painful?

Laser light impulses are so short that you do not develop pain sensation. Surgical interventions are carried out using a local anaesthetic, but other treatments with laser will only make you feel some tingling. It has also been observed that after even a major intervention involving the use of laser, you will have shorter recovery time and fewer complications.

Advantages of dental laser therapy:

  • wound healing after laser treatment is faster than after conventional wound treatment
  • the pain and the inflammation in tissues treated with laser is relieved more quickly
  • biostimulation with laser can boost local immune processes
  • considerable improvement is seen even after the first treatment
  • you can have faster recovery with less discomfort
  • laser therapy is usually pain-free
  • laser treatment causes milder bleeding, even in areas rich in blood vessels
  • dental laser therapy does not pose any risk for pregnant women, does not put any unnecessary stress on the mother or the baby

The laser instrument used at Dentoplant Clinic works at three different wavelengths offering a broad spectrumof treatment possibilities. Each wavelength is used to treat certain types of dental conditions:

  • 650 nm:
    Biostimulation, conventional photodynamic therapy, Antimicrobial Photodynamic Laser Therapy (ADPT)
  • 810 nm:
    Thermal treatment for endodontic and periodontal conditions
    Non-thermal treatment: laser assisted tooth whitening, which is quick and possess less side effects
  • 470 nm:
    Oral surgical interventions, gingivoplasty
Soft laser therapy

Laser therapy can reduce pain, facilitate epithelization and reduce the recovery time by half. Soft laser therapy should always be preceded by careful examination and exact diagnosis. It can be used together with conventional treatments, or for certain conditions by itself.

APDT = Antimicrobial Photodynamic Laser Therapy

Antimicrobial photodynamic laser therapy aims at eliminating bacteria from gingival pockets and the surface of the teeth with the use of selective photosensitising agents and appropriate laser wavelength(660nm). Photosensitising agents bind to the cell wall of the sensitised bacteria and when they are exposed to laser light, they produce oxygen free radicals which destroy them.

The benefits of Antimicrobial Photodynamic Laser Therapy (APDT):

  • unlike antibiotics, it does not cause any side effects, such as fungal infection, diarrhoea or nausea, which occur as a result of damage to the natural bowel and vaginal flora
  • you can avoid antibiotic resistance, which has become a worldwide concern by now
  • it is effective in mixed infection when finding the proper combination of antibiotics may be difficult
  • studies have found that APDT can significantly reduce all types of pathogens and it is particularly beneficial in the treatment of periodontitis or implantitis. The therapy can be used effectively in a wide range of patients and has very good outcome.

Apart from laser wavelength, the outcome of the treatment also depends on instrument performance. We use high-quality laser instruments and professional settings to perform laser treatments on a daily basis.

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What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is any kind of dental treatment in which laser technology is applied. Laser is not only used to treat soft tissues, it has a much wider area of application. As you have seen above, the treatment of each tissue type requires a specific wavelength. Dentists either use different instruments for the different typesof treatments, or they apply one instrument that can work at various wavelengths.


What kind of lasers do dentists use?

Many dentists apply laser. Most of these instruments are so called soft lasers or soft tissue lasers, which are usually used to treat the gum or facilitate wound healing.


How shall I know that my dentist has enough experience to use laser technology?

It is worth checking the type of qualifications your dentist has on the website of the clinic. Laser can be harmful if it is not used properly: your dentist should choose the most optimal setting for the area to be treated in order to avoid damaging healthy tissues.


How can I decide where to go to receive laser treatment?

Below you can find some tips:

If you live in or nearby Szeged and you would like to have laser treatment, the best choice is Dentoplant Dental Clinic. The dentists working there have enough expertise and they use a wide range of high-quality instruments.

If you live elsewhere, check the following :

  • what kind of dental treatments are performed at the clinic
  • what type of instrument is used
  • how much experience the dentist has

The staff at Dentoplant Dental Clinic, from the receptionist to the dentists and the dental hygienists, make all effort to help you come to the clinic without fear, sit down in the chair feeling at ease, and go home with a healthy smile.


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