Dentoplant Dental and Implantological Clinic - Szeged



We provide guarantee on procedures performed by the dentists and dental restorations fabricated by the dental technicians at Dentoplant Dental and Implantological Clinic.

Guarantee periods:

  • Nobel Biocare® implants: lifetime guarantee by the manufacturerNB-lifetime-warranty-300x299
  • Camlog® implant material: 5 years by the manufacturer
  • AlfaBio® implant material: 5 years by the manufacturer
  • Metal-ceramic and pressed ceramic restorations: 2 years
  • Inlays: 2 years
  • Zirconium-ceramic restorations: 3 years
  • Aesthetic light-cured fillings: 1 year
  • Removable dentures: 1 year
  • Implant-based restorations: 3 years

We only provide guarantee on procedures started, performed and completed at Dentoplant Dental and Implantological Clinic. You can make a guarantee claim of any defect to Dentoplant Dental and Implantological Clinic, 6726 Szeged, Fő fasor 45. Travel costs involved when making a claim are borne by the patient. The guarantee applies to the quality of the dental restoration. Any claims must be submitted to us within 14 days after detecting the problem. If you fail to notify us within 14 days, your claim is rejected. We replace implants lost within six months of placement free of charge provided it is not excluded by the guarantee conditions, and there is no bone loss or other injury that makes it impossible. In that case we do not refund lost implants.

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The guarantee is valid if:

  • you attend the clinic for screening and check-up every six month (for which we charge a fee).
  • you take care of the restoration (crown, bridge, implant, denture) as instructed.
  • you maintain proper oral hygiene, e.g. brush your teeth twice a day.
  • the defect is due to improper fabrication or faulty material.

The guarantee is not valid if:

  • you fail to attend the regular 6-monthly screening.
  • you do not maintain proper oral hygiene recommended by the dentist.
  • the defect is the result of smoking, alcohol consumption or drug abuse.
  • the porcelain cover is broken as a result of clenching your teeth strongly.
  • you drop or misuse the restoration.
  • you develop a systemic disease or undergo treatment which influences your dental condition (diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, metabolic disease, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, administration of medications).
  • you have a hidden disease before/during dental treatment.
  • you gain or lose a lot of weight within a short period of time.
  • the defect (e.g. fracture or dislocation of teeth) is the result of an accident or you drop your denture and it breaks.
  • you develop gum recession or bone resorption.
  • the defect is due to the natural wearing of the tooth.
  • there is discoloration due to smoking or contact with chemicals.
  • you are a smoker and receive an implant.
  • you need consequential root canal treatment of the tooth prepared for the crown. Studies have shown that preparation of teeth for crowns can cause microscopic cracks in the tooth which require root canal treatment later on.
  • there is a problem which cannot be seen in the X-ray or if it is not revealed during the treatment.
  • you fail to undergo all of the  proposed treatments and the defect is the result of incomplete treatment.
  • another dentist makes any changes, additions, modifications to the restoration or removes anything.
  • the crown, bridge or denture is for temporary use only.