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Nobel Esthetic Alliance Program at Dentoplant Dental and Implantological Clinic

Nobel Esthetic Alliance® Program

In 2014 our clinic was acknowledged as a mentor centre of the Esthetic Alliance Program at Nobel Biocare. As a result of this co-operation we would like to provide theoretical and practical assistance to colleagues wishing to get acquainted with or improve their knowledge of dental implantation and help them to solve cases. The training course and the consultations are held by Dr. Kinga Maráz, official Nobel speaker in Hungary. Based on 15 years of experience in Nobel implant systems, we are convinced that they are high quality and reliable systems with a remarkably high success rate.

We launch implant prosthetic and advanced implantological courses on implantology in 2017 / 2018

Participants at the course can get acquainted with prostheses based on high quality Nobel Biocare® implants. We would like to present several alternatives to bonded metal-ceramic crowns and raise awareness of the fact that there is demand for implant based prostheses in a general dental practice. Each module consists of a theoretical part and from the second module on a practical “hands-on” part. Consultations and case discussions carried out in the relaxed atmosphere at the clinic can help you improve your knowledge.

Venue: Dentoplant Dental and Implantological Clinic, Szeged, Fő fasor 45.

Registration: You are required to register for the course by e-mail: (Include your contact details in your e-mail).
Inquiries: Call 30/264-5024

Who is the course recommended for?

  1. Dentists who have experience in implantology and would like to know more about Nobel implants.
  2. Dentists who would like to place Nobel implants in the future, they have patients who could benefit from it, but they haven’t performed such intervention on their own.
  3. Dentists who do not perform implantation. There might be demand for high quality implants even in a general dental practice where the dentist does not perform or wouldn’t like to perform implantation. We can make a plan, place the implant and provide assistance for the intervention at our clinic. We educate the dentist so that he could complete the prosthetic phase in his own surgery. Dentists attending our course can consult us afterwards.

May 4, 2017, Thursday 16:30
Topic: Modul I.: Replacing a molar tooth with an implant. Step-by-step treatment plan and prosthetic options. Selecting a suitable patient, implant positioning and hands on training. Language: english

  • Patient selection
  • The treatment plan.
  • Suitability requirements.
  • What options to recommend and what to dismiss?
  • A review of Nobel implant systems.
  • Hands on trainig, using Nobel Replace® in different bone quality.

Upcoming topics:

  • Success and failure in implantology – instructive cases, Language: hungarian
  • High-quality implant prosthetic solutions for multiple missing teeth. When and how to use multiunit abutments?
  • How to promote successful implant placement in thin biotype patients?

Former activities at Dentoplant Implantological Clinic:

Module 1: May 21, 2015, Thursday 17:00
Topic: Replacing a molar tooth with an implant. Step-by-step treatment plan and prosthetic options. Selecting a suitable patient.

  • Suitability requirements.
  • What options to recommend and what to dismiss?
  • The treatment plan.
  • A review of Nobel implant systems.
  • Nobel implants to replace one missing tooth.

You can bring your own case to the first consultation, and we chose and discuss one case together.


Module 2: Sept 10, 2015, Thursday 16:00
Topic: Replacing a front tooth with an implant. We make a treatment plan and perform risk analysis of implants in the aesthetic zone. Hands-on: Immediate temporary crown on Nobel implants.

Dr. Kinga MarázAlliance-module2-2-Nobel-Esthetic-Alliance-Dr-Maraz-KingaAlliance-module2-4-Tovabbkepzesek-a-Dentoplantnal

Module 3: Dec 03, 2015, Thursday 16:00
Topic: Topic: „Navigation in surgery and the benefits of the NobelGuide System in implant planning.” Flow chart, treatment planning, possible failures and finaly case presentations.


Everyone is welcome!