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Gingivitis is a curable inflammation of the gum around your teeth. At an early stage the disease only affects the margin of the gum, and it can be reversed by proper cleaning and local medications. However, if it is left untreated, the inflammation spreads to deeper tissues and causes severe periodontal diseases. The inflammation is usually caused by the build-up of dental plaque, a hardened deposit accumulating at the gum margin. There are other causes as well, such as certain medical conditions, hormonal imbalance, medications, bacterial, viral or fungal infections, or an ill-fitting crown. There is an increased risk of gingivitis in pregnancy.

Gingivitis is classified as plaque-induced or non-plaque gingivitis.

  1. Types of plaque-induced gingivitis:
    1. Plaque-induced gingivitis with or without further irritation
    2. Gingivitis as a result of  systemic disease:
      • hormonal diseases
      • haematological conditions
    3. Gingivitis due to medications
    4. Gingivitis due to deficiency states
  2. Types of non-plaque gingivitis:
    1. Gingivitis due to bacterial infection
    2. Gingivitis due to viral infection
    3. Gingivitis due to fungal infection
    4. Gingivitis due to hereditary predisposition
    5. Gingivitis due to allergies and dermatological conditions manifesting on the gum
    6. Gingivitis due to trauma
    7. Other causes

The first sign of inflammation is bleeding of your gum when you brush your teeth. As soon as you experience bleeding, do not hesitate to contact us at Dentoplant Clinic.

Typical symptoms of gingivitis:

  • Bleeding of your gum
  • Swelling of your gum
  • Pain, sensitivity
  • Discolouration of the gum: red-purple colour
  • Changes in the contour and surface of your gum

It is essential to treat gingivitis, otherwise the inflammation spreads to deeper tissues leading to recession of your gum and bone loss. Your teeth become loose and finally fall out.

The cornerstone of treatment and prevention is good oral hygiene. We help you learn proper brushing techniques, and our personal oral hygiene program can help you to have healthy teeth.